About Andy

Welcome to my website, I’m Andy and i hope you enjoy browsing round my site, i have shared some of my favourite photos on my site for you to browse, i started with my photography journey about 8 years ago, It all started when i purchased a Canon 1000d, then i progressed onto a Canon 650d, and now i own  3 Canon Cameras 5D , 6D and 7D Mk 2, 

I have been on a few courses and sailed through them all, I do not class my self as a Professional Photographer, as in my eyes there is no such thing, Photography is an art form to be enjoyed, not criticised by so called Professional Photographers, I am also a  Civil Aviation Authority licensed Drone operator for commercial work, anyway enough from me, just enjoy my work & website. Feel free to E mail me at andy@intofocus.net


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